As part of our aim to provide bulls that will withstand the roughest conditions and be profitable to ranchers, we offer the following warranty: All 2 year old bulls sold by Star Gate Cattle will be guaranteed against injury that renders them incapable of breeding or to be a potential breeder, except those circumstances listed below.

This guarantee only applies to the original purchaser. This guarantee also only applies to bulls that have been maintained at all times by the original purchase for standard beef breeding practices and under normal breeding conditions. Bulls must also have been maintained in accordance with good animal husbandry methods and management.

All claims shall be resolved in the following manner: The guarantee credit shall equal the original purchase price of the bull multiplied by the appropriate percentage (based on when the injury occurred), less an agreed upon salvage value. This amount shall be credited to the owner for the purchase of one bull from either the present inventory of Star Gate Cattle or at the first proceeding Star Gate Cattle bull sale. If the credit is not used at either of those times, then it will become void.

The amount credited is as follows:
100% from the time of purchase until bull is turned out to cows (no later than July 1st)
80% from 1st turn out through 1st year anniversary of original purchase date

60% throughout 2nd year
40% throughout 3rd year
20% throughout 4th year ending with the 4th anniversary of original purchase

To make a claim, the original owner must contact Star Gate Cattle within 14 days of the discovery of the injury. They must also possess a document of the injury, signed by a licensed veterinarian. Star Gate Cattle reserves the right to have an agent of their own choice verify the injury and documentation of such. If any claims are denied by Star Gate Cattle, the original owner must then respond with a written legal explanation of why the guarantee should apply, or forfeit all rights to any guarantee on the bull in question.

Exceptions not covered by this warranty include, but are not limited to... Injuries or loss caused by motor vehicles, equipment, or trains. Injuries or loss from drowning, predation, or caused by acts of Nature/God (lightning, tornados, blizzard, bitter cold, fires). Injuries or loss from disease, feed intake, or poisoning. Injuries or loss from man-made causes. These include acts of war, acts of terrorism, radiation/nuclear, confiscation, quarantine, theft, malicious or willful injury to animals, carelessness, or neglect.